Some of My Favorites

The photos below are some of my personal favorites. I love each picture for different reasons. It could be technical, it could be the model, it could be a memory of the shoot. All different.

Being a photographer, I tend to see images from a technical perspective. Lighting, color, framing, etc. I'll look at my own photos and try to remember how I lit a certain scene. Sometimes I even marvel at the fact that it was me that captured that image.

Rhiannon was always my favorite model to work with; and not because I was with her, because she is a great model who could deliver whatever we needed.

Needless to say, there are many pictures of her here. So looks so busty in the red dress, which was the cover shot for an issue of Busty Beauties.

Rhiannon in the blue smoke. Shot over 2 nights in our front yard with a fog machine and a smoke machine. Took a lot of time and work to get those shots, which ended up as a Halloween layout in Gent and also the cover.

Rhiannon on the merry-go-round. We snuck into a carnival at 3am and shot on all the rides and in the Fun House. We had to sneak past a guard sleeping in his car.

Exotica in the black with red and yellow dress. This, to me, is as close as I ever got to the “Perfect Shot”. It starts with her: incredible model. Everything fell in line. The model, the make-up, the scene, the lighting, the pose... perfect!

Summer Cummings in the life-sized Barbie box. I built the box for another girl, but there was nobody better to put in it than Summer. I loved working with her.

Jennifer Steele blowing Gene Simmons fire-balls in my studio. That was a fun day. I was sitting on the floor about 8 ft in front on here to get those shots. I could feel the heat of the fire. If the landlord only knew.

Electra on the railroad tracks. I had just met her at Exotic Dancer. It was 106 degrees in the Vegas desert, and she never complained. We were out there for hours.

Sarah, my make-up girl. While she was a model, she wasn't shooting for my mags. Any time a model didn't show, Sarah would get ready, and we'd shoot. I was all set to shoot on the roof of my studio, and then the model didn't show. I love these shots. I used a wide-angle lense and the clouds appear to go on forever.

The shot of Brittany Andrews was shot in a friends dungeon in Philly. It was shot in a freight elevator where he had placed an electric chair. I had 5 lights stuffed in that cramped space to get those shots.

Conversely; the shot of the girl in the red, on the bed, next to the lamp is one light head placed outside the window.

I have a story about every one of these shots, and so many more.

What a ride!