Anton Fury Photography Workshop

Anton Fury is a world-renowned adult/glamour photographer. For 7 years he was the editor and exclusive photographer for Gent, Busty Beauties, D-Cup and Cleavage magazines. He brought a touch of glamour and depth to the the normally flat photography of adult magazines. He has over 200 covers to his credit and has shot well over 500 models, 80% of which were shot at his studio in Wayne, New Jersey.

Anton Fury Photography WorkshopAnton Fury Photography WorkshopAnton Fury Photography WorkshopAnton Fury Photography WorkshopAnton Fury Photography Workshop

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Anton Fury Photography Workshop Anton Fury Photography Workshop

On March 30, 2013 Anton will be opening the studio doors and offering an 8-hour Adult Photography Workshop. The photo class will consist of every step you need from the make-up chair to the high-end finished photograph. He will have 2 professional adult models, as well as his make-up artist on hand to teach you what it takes to create high-quality magazine and Internet worthy photographs.

You will learn how make-up differs from real life to photo set. He will give you tips on how to deal with models, to bring out the best in their performance before the camera. The photography lighting workshop will show how and why he's lighting a set a particular way - you will have an opportunity to ask questions from someone who makes a living shooting pictures.

Anton will describe various light modifiers; how you use them, under what circumstances and the results you can expect. Umbrellas, beauty dish, soft boxes, grids, reflectors, gels and more.

You will be taken through 2 lighting set-ups, including light room, dark room. After he lights each set and walks you through a shoot, you will then, with his coaching, get to shoot the models yourself. You will be able to tap into his lighting gear and shoot the scene exactly how he did. By the time the photo workshop is completed, you will know how to photograph women... or men, or kids, for that matter.

Anton will show you how to work with models in a highly-charged adult environment, getting what you need to get, while remaining respectful at all times. He will demonstrate lighting that assures "nothing left to the imagination", and also sexy and cheesecake.

Fury Photography Workshop
Anton Fury Photography WorkshopAnton Fury Photography WorkshopAnton Fury Photography WorkshopAnton Fury Photography WorkshopAnton Fury Photography Workshop

Whether you're shooting digital or film, the photographic technique is still the same. Photoshop is a wonderful tool, but it's much better to shoot the picture correctly in the first place, than to have to alter it later. You're getting hand's on experience with Anton Fury. You will be a much better photographer when you leave the workshop, than you were when you signed up.

Fury Photo Workshop

*** Workshop 9am - 6pm ***

To participate in the workshop, you will need an SLR camera. Although I will be shooting digital, you can still use a film camera. Even if you don't have an SLR, you can still attend the workshop to learn.

Workshop will be held at Furyousities Studios in Wayne, NJ 07470.

*** Registration is limited to only 15 students, so sign up now!