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Words of Fury

I have always gravitated towards positions that have allowed my creativity to thrive. Although, I am a mechanical and analytical thinker, I incorporate my innovative approach to breath life into whatever project I encounter. I approach each new endeavor as a challenge with a devoted commitment to produce the highest quality product possible. My standards and expectations are high; however, this characteristic does not prohibit me from the spontaneity that is often necessary to complete an assignment.

I pride myself in that I am aware of the competition but never compete. In fact, I use this insight to often reinvent and set the trends that become the standard. I am not afraid of, nor am I a stranger to extended work schedules; often working over eighteen hours a day for 2-3 week stretches. For the past few years, I have organized on the road “shoot tours”. The last tour was comprised of over 45 models on 16 consecutive shoot days, which amassed 135 magazine layouts and over 40 hours of video. Numbers of this magnitude are unheard of from a solo photographer.

I have the ability to work with varying budgets. Despite the current climate of today’s economy, I am still able to maintain both quality and quantity. Currently, I have been working with virtually a “shoe-string” budget; yet, I continue to produce an International magazine, filling each issue completely with first rights photo sets.

One of my strongest attributes is dedication. Dedication, for me, encompasses an array of other qualities contributing to the whole. My work ethic cannot be challenged nor contested. My loyalty goes above and beyond. I am a visionary of innovative prospective. I am motivated with enthusiasm. My technical ability is rivaled only by my passion as an artist. I am a master of creation.

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